Girls - Have you ever left a guy who was a good guy to settle down with?

Question says it all.

My ex left me because I am more settled then her, I tend to enjoy different things then her. She is a party person while I tend to enjoy company of friends and just hanging around at a bar just chatting and not drinking to much then a pint or two. We both are in our early twenties, she has started dating another guy which from what I have gathered is taken by him a lot, but I see certain things she is doing such as drinking a lot when she can't see him, and other things which make me worried about her. Now I am keeping low contact with her because I do care for her, we just chat and catch up every now. But again she told me how I was the type of guy she would like to settle down with (when she broke up with me), but told me not to hold on for years for her since she was interested in another man.


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  • She's not ready to settle down and play husband and wife she just wants to have fun to be honest she's probably just bored of sitting on de couch and havin quiet drinks at de bar. She's young and she wants to enjoy it . Granted you probably are the perfect guy to settle doen with but this girl likes o have fun then your not her ideal man. If you really want her back you should loosin up a bit and go mad when she sees you doing that she'l see you differently. I f however this is outside your comfort zone then don't why change yourself for somebody who should love you 4 who you are. I know you care about her but you really should cut off all contact that way she knows she can't just have you whenever she wants..

  • all I can say is that people change...Im young too and was engaged and was head over hills in love with this man...then gradually he changed...long story short, we were gonna settle together but people do change! Its horrible butwith me...he was a good guy but he was under stress and that stress was taking its toll on me...whenever he was down, it made me down because of his yeah everyone can try to fix a bad relationship but when the other partner makes no effort, the relationship will collapse.


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