Why would a girl cheat?

i just found out my girlfriend of seven months has slept with at least 5 guys since me and her have been talking. she has only cheated on me with two of them since we have been going out but we promised each other we wouldn't do anything with other people before we started. I'm really am not trying to be conceited but I think I'm a good looking guy and really nice and was the best boyfriend I could be to her I just wanted to know why she would do that she said she really doesn't know why that she was just being stupid


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  • Wait, girls don't need to be "hoes" to be able to cheat, girls are worse in this matter, it brings them some amazing fizzling joy to sleep with another when they're committed to someone in any kind of way, at any given time.

    It does not have anything to do with how nice they are, how understanding or how loving, girls will want their crap running as much as guys will want theirs up and more, girls do that to send out a clear massage: I'm damaged goods, I've gone through abuse when I was so young, I'm selfish, I differentiate sex and love and intimacy means nothing to me... now girls like that are the majority in the western world, and that's sad, and that's why men started looking for women in places where people were still jealous of their daughters and raising them on good morals.

    If you fell in love with that girl then prepare for months of tears and pain, been there and seen how awful it is to be committed to a girl that was liberated from everything even her own feelings and reputation.


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  • your girl is a ho. some girls will cheat on any guy they date. it has nothing to do with you, they just have that trait in em


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  • First of all, dump that lying, dumb ass, whore bitch! Many girls are attention whores. You hooked up with one. She also liked sex a lot. Thus, she got her attention and sex needs by sleeping with other men. Also, you were too nice to her; thus, she got bored with you. Girls, whether they want to admit it or not, want a guy who is bad or jerkish.


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