How should I treat him after his divorce?

I want to help him move forward, but I also want him to move forward on his own terms. I want him to find happiness. I want to treat him amazing in ways he probably never felt before.
I really love this man and I can't picture myself with anyone else nor do I want anyone else. I know things will be hard, but I don't plan on running from him. I've been by his side through it all.

I'm open to any advice!


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  • From what u r saying, I can deduce that how much u love him. Even after divorce, Not breakup , its divorce. You r concerned about his happiness. If he leaved such a woman who was blindly in love with him, I dispise him. See whomever u r, he does not deserve you, really. Let him what he want to be. My advice for u is dont treat him. Think as if he is not ur SO anymore. I know it is hard but that is the thing that u should do. I m not advising to do evil nor do I advice to do good for him.
    Just pretend that u dont know him, the person u knew is lost. He is not the one who he was. If he can let go a person like you then he dont deserve happiness. No matter what the cause was, he could have forgiven u, but he didn't try to stop. So, let him what he wants to be. Dont waste ur efforts for him.
    Find someone who can accept u gracefully. My best wishes r with u.😃😃😃


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  • HARD DOSE OF REALITY: Do you want to be his rebound?

  • I'm trying to figure out why the relationship ended if you still feal this much for him?

  • Give him a blowjob


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