Should I continue to chase a girl who still loves her ex or not?

Hi everybody, this is my situation: I fell in love with a girl who is my co-worker and I chase her. It's almost three months and everything seems like not going well. We talked and texted a lot but most of the time I am the one who initiated the conversation. I bought her a gift and be nice, polite to her like helping her when we worked together, asked her if she has eaten yet. When I asked her how she thinks about me, she said that I'm a good guy and really nice. But then I ask her if she can go out with me, she said she doesn't want to have a boyfriend now because she still loves her ex (they broke up 1 year ago). People around me who know I chased her keep telling me to give up and move on and said I'm so stupid. So is there any chance to make her fall in love with me?


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  • How long have you been chasing her. If it's for many month's now then just give up. She maybe just trying to be polite to as to not hurt your feelings.


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  • she thinks of you as a friend. So that would be a no

    • That is what my friend told me. I should give up last month but then I realized I still like her so I continue texting her but it seems like she doesn't care too much about me.

  • Don't do it


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