Flirting with a bartender?

So there is a bar that I started going to during the NHL playoffs and I met a very attractive, nice guy who happens to be a bartender there. I have gone back, on average, once every 2 weeks. He remembered my name from the first night that I was there, we introduced ourselves to each other the 2nd time I went and we talk a bit every time I am there (as much as a bartender is able to talk in a crowded bar on the weekends). So after about 3 visits, and some good conversation, I figured I would give him my contact info because I would like to get to know him better and this would be easier to accomplish outside of the bar I think. When I gave him my info he gave me a big smile and said "possibly." So I have seen him since then and we talk just like we did before, but he has not contacted me. I don't want to be pushy and ask him to do something because I figure that he would have contacted me already if he wanted to. But I want the opinion of the males in the world. Did I give him contact info too soon? Is he possibly interested? Should I just leave it as a bartender/patron relationship?


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  • i say act drunk and say can you drive me home lol jkjk lol

    i don't think you gave it to him to soon lol I think its about right timimg ... he's probably sh*tting himself just thinking about calling you and asking you out..

    if anything id say go back to the bar and ask him out...

    did you think about the fact that he might have a girlfriend?

    • I thought that he might have a girlfriend, he is a little older than me so he's at the point you might expect a serious girlfriend, but in all of our conversation it has never been mentioned and I would hope that he would have said something other than "possibly" when I gave him my contact info.

      Thanks for the input though! I always appreciate another point of view.

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