Do girls find someone and move on faster than guys?

she already found someone and is going out with him now and I'm still sitting here like a lonely idiot. i am talking to a couple girls but who will maybe see me once a week or longer


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What Girls Said 2

  • Depends. If that person feels more deeply than the other then they would not move on that fast. however, it is said that men don't voice out what they really feel they bottled it up so they can't really move on.

  • it depends. if you broke up with her and broke her heart into pieces than she'll mourn for a few weeks and then she'll forget you like you were nothing to her. because pain turns into anger and anger turns into hate. and that's my personal experience

    • we ended it really well still caring about each other

    • In that case, no moving on for girls isn't that quick and easy

    • it was more that she didn't want me being sad though

What Guys Said 1

  • For girls dating is much easier. They tend to bounce from one relationship to another.
    Unfortunately for them this pattern tends to land them with shitty relationships, fuckboys and rebounds. Instead of stepping back and developing themselves and healing wounds they just carry that into the next relationship and taint it right from the start. Then bitch about how guys are shitty and they are ultimately unhappy.

    Think of it this way: she didn't care enough to work things out and knowingly hurt you. You deserve better than that, and her next guy gets the same shitty prize.


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