Your ex said 'They'll always love you'.. Share your experience?

Hi all.. Please share your experiences on the subject:

Here's mine: 3.5 years as my best friend, 3 years as a couple. We weren't compatible but we loved each other so was a constant battle.

He broke up with me for a 'break', lied to me, left me on a hook and said 'it's not the end of us, I need space blah blah blah'. I wanted answers, He gave none.. just left me on a hook. Asked me to wait for him then I found out he was sleeping with someone & dating another. Confronted him and he treated me like crap, I told him I don't want him back. The last thing he ever said to me was 'Just know i Will always love you'. I told him it wasn't relevant anymore.

weeks later he was in a relationship. Blocked me on Facebook making out I was some kind of psycho. They are still together and this was 4 months ago & she's 'simple' & dull too.. (This is a fact because my friend slept with her last year.. I know small world) 😋

My point is this: I know he's a coward & couldn't handle me as a girlfriend (I'm very spirited & unpredictable. he's simple & frankly quite insecure & dull).
Was the 'I'll always love you' to make him feel better? Was it so that he could pop back in If it didn't work out with her? or simply.. He couldn't handle me anymore so opted for a simpler, no drama/dull girl but can really still love me?

I don't understand why you would say that to someone when it's ended. Is it a power thing? To make himself feel better? Or what?

I don't want him back.. My match is out there somewhere and I'm ready to find him so im moving on.

But I just don't get why he would say that?

Your ex said 'They'll always love you'.. Share your experience?
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