My boyfriend still talks to his ex, but he tries to hide it from me!!

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 5 months now. But he still talks to his ex which he has been broken up with for about 7 months ago but they dated for 3 years on and off. He still talks to her but he tries to hide it from me. When she text him he will text back once or twice & when I see it he won't text her anymore & he will make up an excuse as to why she text or he text. Also He won't tell her we are dating. He says he doesn't want to hear her fuss. what should I do? I'm driving myself crazy thinking its more than what it really is!


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  • oh wow I've been in your shoes before chicka its not easy..well I'm sure he likes you more than her there's a reason she is in the past right and your the now? :) but what I did with my ex unfortunatly it didn't work out but for a different reason every time I noticed it was his ex txting him id start flirting smiling more playing around to get his mind off the chick and make him notice me and not the ex on the phone you can try it and see what happens?

  • Dont drive yourself crazy, sometimes I understand what guys mean when they say they don't want to "hear her fuss" because that's just gonna add drama to you twos relationship and you don't need that. If he doesn't have any more feelings for her then SHE WILL FIND OUT on her own sooner or later if yall have been dating for 5 months.


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