Is it over or not?

Hi guys and girls!

so, a boy and I had something together. it was not sex, we just had the boyfriend-girlfriend-thing. But I think I made a huge mistake. He was not answering for days. And those days were like hell for me. I had a fight with my Mom and she told me to move out of her house. So I did it. And I kinda never told him my story, not every detail. so i felt so bad and I wanted to take the next airplane to my grandmother to CA. And i had my ticket, my suitcase and like everything for a new beginning. I blocked every person on social media, who could made it, to cancel my plans. And he was one of them. So then.. I didn't took the plane because my little brother, my sunshine, told me that he wants to visit me and that he missed me, so I stayed. He, my "boyfriend" noticed it after days, that he was blocked and I unblocked him after like.. 2 weeks? and then he told me, that he was pissed af as he noticed and I answered, that it have had a reason. And I told him everything, my story with every detail, and what happened to me in the last few weeks. He just told me , that he doesn't know what to say, and I said "its ok, you dont have to say something. I just wanted to explain". I mean, it was really ok. I understand, really. But know, he isn't talking to me. I have the feeling, he tries to ignore me. But he always watches my snapchat stories, and I'm watching hims. I really miss him, but I dont know, if its worth it to fight for it, or if it's already over.

Is it over or not?
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