Is it over or not?

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so, a boy and I had something together. it was not sex, we just had the boyfriend-girlfriend-thing. But I think I made a huge mistake. He was not answering for days. And those days were like hell for me. I had a fight with my Mom and she told me to move out of her house. So I did it. And I kinda never told him my story, not every detail. so i felt so bad and I wanted to take the next airplane to my grandmother to CA. And i had my ticket, my suitcase and like everything for a new beginning. I blocked every person on social media, who could made it, to cancel my plans. And he was one of them. So then.. I didn't took the plane because my little brother, my sunshine, told me that he wants to visit me and that he missed me, so I stayed. He, my "boyfriend" noticed it after days, that he was blocked and I unblocked him after like.. 2 weeks? and then he told me, that he was pissed af as he noticed and I answered, that it have had a reason. And I told him everything, my story with every detail, and what happened to me in the last few weeks. He just told me , that he doesn't know what to say, and I said "its ok, you dont have to say something. I just wanted to explain". I mean, it was really ok. I understand, really. But know, he isn't talking to me. I have the feeling, he tries to ignore me. But he always watches my snapchat stories, and I'm watching hims. I really miss him, but I dont know, if its worth it to fight for it, or if it's already over.



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  • It sounds like he isn't comfortable with what happened to you. Probably doesn't want to be too involved.

    • but how can he be involved to it, when it is my past. Like, I dont really think of it. I mean, I had to give up something I really loved and my mother hates me for it but thats all?

    • Well, if it happened, what makes him know for sure it won't happen again. Some guys may not want to be involved with problems that may occur. Another thing is that he may be processing what happened still. He may be ashamed for responding to you in that manner, thus he is avoiding you. But I don't know his personality. If you can talk to him, try not to assume everything. He could be going through something.

  • Well it's always worth trying. Both of you made mistakes there and I think if both of you guys acknowledge that and talk about it then it can make things better.

    I don't know about you but I still follow my ex's and like their pics and all on social media (not because I like them or whatever)
    But to me he still shows some interest but maybe he was going through some shit and that's why he didn't talk you

  • It's over


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