Asking a girl if she's seeing the guy I'm dating?

The guy I'm seeing has lied to me before. A girl he said he had a thing with months ago has been recently liking all his Facebook posts and he likes hers. He also said he got a recommendation from a job from a friend and I saw on Facebook she works there. I asked him about her or anyone else directly and he said he doesn't want anyone but me.

I took a cute pic of him today and he changed it to his profile and she liked it.. again! I'm thinking of messaging her when he's on a mission trip to ask her simply "are you seeing this guy, sorry if this is awkward"... should I do it? He has a history of lying and I know if the girl is seeing him and he's two timing us both she'd probably tell me what's up.


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  • Why are you settling for someone who took the initiative to lie to you in the first place? Well, can't say you didn't know what you were getting if things go wrong. 😊


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