What should I do? im in a relationship where we fight every other week?

im in a relationship where we fight every other week.. she wants me to post pics of our in social media as according to her this show how much i love her.. and i dont like posting pic on social media.. so we hd many fights over this... she even called my love fake.. we brokeup after this then after some days later i met her to patch things up at that time she told me that she started talking to some random guy and flirted a bit.. it did hurt me.. but still i was trying get things patched up.. but she was like everything was my fault... she didn't accept her single mistake... this was getting into my nerves.. then all of a sudden i lost my control and i slapped her... i know i should not have done that.. and i regret... then later we patched up everything.. and now again we had a fight... she started to say all the things she use to say whenever we had a fight.. like... unsuccessful (as im jobless these days).. uneducated (as my English is not good as her's).. beggar and there is more... she even says that I'm using her and all.. what should i do?


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  • This is a unhealthy relationship.. It may be time for y'all to go your separate ways.

  • Sounds like a migraine. Unless you enjoy living in dysfunction I suggest breaking up.


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