Should I ignore her and do my own thing now?

Supposedly a week after we got out of school for college we broke up
She wants to keep talking the way we do
We even went hiking. We were acting as a couple. Bought condoms and had sex as well. But still she doesn't want to be called my girlfriend
That night I went on a date with someone and it went well
My ex text me and I haven't replied back and she even snapped me saying hello.
I'm done wasting my time. Is it rude to move on without telling her?
I still love her and she loves me and we broke up because her dad. I have to take him out on a date with coffee at the end of the month so I can start taking his daughter out. I'm still down for that but I don't want to talk to her because it's as if we're still together.


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  • if she ain't your girlfriend you are not committed so you can see her and other people and if she says anything you say well we ain't exclusive so im seeing other people as well. but if you dont want to keep her around dont meet up with her anymore

  • we're going to need pics of her for clarification on the situation


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