How do you get rid of your ex boyfriend?

3 years ago I left my boyfriend but he kept calling me when I said it was over two months later I started dating my present day boyfriend I love him so much it hurts I hated him when I saw him because of the way he made me feel but he kept chasing me and now we have been together for 3 years and I love him but my x keeps calling I moved in with my boyfriend but some how he got the number my boyfriend got to the phone when my x called my boyfriend said that if he calls me one more time then he will take my ex's phone and shove it up his ass then he'll kick him in the ass so hard that not even a doctor will not be able to surgically remove his boot

I'm with my ex now thank you both for your answers :)


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  • Sounds like ur new boyfriend needs to check himself, because you clearly still care about ur ex.. And Ur ex still calls you cause he loves you.. I chased mine for 7 months after she left me for some1 else, was with her for a long time, was my first true love. But she doesn't care..

    Anyways ur new bf, needs to watch what he says. And secondly you still miss ur ex cause you want him to call. I gave up on mine


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  • im with mshaker, you sound like you still care for your ex, and your boyfriend sounds like a crazy person be careful ok I wish you good luck :)


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