I Find out she didn't move to Texas she got married and moved to Georgia instead. Now I'm dealing with a broken heart. please help if you can?

There's a girl that I have been friends with for sometime now that I really liked. She told me that she was getting ready to move to Texas in the next upcoming months. At the time she was living with her dad when I first met her and ask if she would like to go out with me. And she did say yes but complications happen and we had to cancel the date. So when I had tried to set it up again she kind of flaked out on me a little bit and then she told Me she needs to think about instead. The next day I didn't get an answer Instead she kept tell why she didn't want to date because she got tired of guys cheating on her. I got sick of hearing her tell me that so I backed off until she was ready to date again only to find out that she was dating guys behind my back Who did nothing but cheat on her. Fast forward to today I notice she stop texting me back. She told me she want to hang out before we both go to the military. She wanted to get together and study and hang out with me but she stopped replying to me completely. I wanted to know what was going on but she would not talk to me. So I did some investigating and I found out that instead of moving to Texas. last month she just moved to Georgia and got married. So I tried texting her one last time today to see if she would tell me if she is still in the state that I am in but I got nothing that's when I texted her again saying thanks for playing me. It's crazy because she would always respond. Well sometimes she would. Its like the girl that I was talking to and fell for had died an this zombie took over. My heart is broken my mind is in shock it can't believe what it's processing it's like I'm living a real life nightmare and it's stupid because she didn't always treat me the best but I really did Care about her and we had some damn good times together and I wanted to be the one to be with her and to have her cut me off as if I was nothing it's pretty painful. I can't figure out why she won't tell me the truth.


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  • You need to date other chicks & move past this.. She's not a good chick, no matter how much you like her. She treated you badly & you deserve much better.


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