Did he leave because of me?

Alright, this is a long story, so brace yourselves.

My boyfriend and I have been together for just over two years. Before we started dating I was in an extremely physically and emotionally abusive relationship. Once it ended, I told my now-boyfriend I wasn't ready for a relationship as I still had physical and mental scars. He understood but things kept progressing and we shortly ended up together anyways. Because of how I was treated, I was horrified to get close to someone again. Almost every day, I would scream at him to go away or to leave me alone or get scared when he got to close to me because I didn't want to be hurt in that way again. All throughout this time he was extremely good to me and understanding and never once said an unkind word. This continued for about a year. the situation did improve a ton as he continued to prove to me he wouldn't hurt me but I would still push him away sometimes and say some awful things.
One week he was acting distant and cold towards me. I had no idea why but this continued for about a month. Finally, he told me that maybe we shouldn't be together. He told me that he loved me but felt like he couldn't make me happy.

We both still loved each other and things were very on and off for a few months. But he told me later that he had been seeing someone for a few weeks before we broke up and all during the time when we were on and off together. It was someone he had been friends with for about 6 months and would hang out with regularly... (not one on one but in a group) but I never expected anything between the two of them (especially since she had a boyfriend). He said the furthest they went was making out but that they would do so almost every day.
Please don't think I don't understand my fault in this because, believe me, I do. I was so wrong. But it's still something I can't get out of my head. Did he leave me because I pushed him away so much? Or did he leave me because he fell in love with somebody else?
Did he leave because of me?
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