Girls, Gir with boyfriend l who liked/likes me started blushing bad when I'm around? 🤔🙄😄?

Girl who I seen around for a little over a year, I never approached, but we would always send signals. lots of eye contact, copying me, staring at me when she sees me around, looking depressed to see me get on the bus to looking suprised if I did. she knew I liked her because I would stand near her and stuff and she would look at me and smile if I purposely sat near her. Other occasions she would become fidgety if I sat to close and she would at everyone but me. So I became confused and then I noticed because I was disappearing she started to stare whenever she saw me and fix her make up etc and purposely walk past and say hi but blushing really bad. This happened 3/4 times. So 3 months later wanted to catch same bus cz I finished work at normal time again. So her boyfriend was with her, she seen me and her face was red like a tomato, she looked anxious and aggressive towards her boyfriend like she wanted to get away quickly. I decided to play a joke and comment on her Facebook photos as I knew I confused her whether I liked her or not, I agreed. With her family member that she was very beautiful etc. Then the day after I caught the train and she was there and saw me buying a ticket, she faced me and stared at me with a huge smile until her boyfriend met her. So I avoided her and I ignored her smile etc and tgey got on as he was looking around she stood closer to me and yet again faced me , staring into my eyes with a huge smile. I was anxious so didn't say anything and she turned back around after 20 secs. B. After this I got off and she sent a message saying her boyfriend is aware etc etc. So I left it for 3 weeks and I sent her a response to apologise, I noticed her keep saying hi , I was meaning to introduce myself, but she made me nervous and I disappeared cz of work and I hope in the future we can get to know each other.. I said also I don't expect a response. See below for the rest 😃
After 1 month I saw her and kept my distant unlike usually, she saw me walk away and her face turned bright red and she started staring at her phone whispering to herself, now EVERYTIME she sees me she's blushing , and looking anxious on the trip home like she's stressed and looks very confused, I am not sure why she turns from looking extremely happy from what I done to after my message becoming so stressed and stuff when I'm around
she clearly using happy with her boyfriend , besides the point I'm just trying to gain an understanding of her situation because it's confusing and EVERYTIME we see each other we both get really nervous etc and it's annoying me. Any help appreciated preferably girls advice only. Thanks 😆😀


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  • Go up to her and say hello. You'll never know the answers to your questions unless you gather up enough courage to actually speak to her.

    • But what about her boyfriend?

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