Help? how to realize its time to move on?

it's been almost two months since my ex broke up with me after 2+ years together. for some stupid reason, i agreed with being friends with him and he initiated text conversations with me almost every day. i thought staying friends was the way to get him back (stupid, i know). some weeks after the breakup, we even met once, as he offered to help me with something. in that day, we were really getting along like before and HE kissed me, and i thought i was finally getting him back as i still love him so i felt super happy but then he told me he doesn't actually want to date me, it was just a 'thing of the moment'. 6 days ago, we started no-contact, as i need to heal, and as he said he needs to "distance things" (he was the one dumping me, breaking all distances with the kiss, and then he tells me he needs space). i plan to stick to no-contact for more time, even if he contacts me. curiously, in the day we stopped talking, i randomly ran into him in a store and he, who acted all stoic during all this time, looked like a sad puppy and was noticeably worried and feeling somewhat bad for seeing me.

im trying to move on with myself but it is so difficult as i thought we had a real connection. i know i've improved some things already, like exercising more often, eating better, finding a summer job, improving myself in general. but it still hurts. does it ever get better? is it really "out of sight, out of mind" or is it "absense makes the heart grow fonder"?
Help? how to realize its time to move on?
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