Should I send my ex girlfriend a Happy Birthday message?

Her birthday is next month and we'd have been split up for about 10 months. The split was pretty reasonable but as we weren't ready to be friends straight away (with be being sickeningly clingy), she blocked me on Facebook, but kept me on Snapchat where to this day we see all of each others story posts, she still sees all of my instagram posts but hid her profile from me and about 5 months ago I was unblocked on facebook. All of her friends are cool with me, the only message she responded to of mine since those blockings was just before Christmas ended with smiley emojis. Despite being comfortable online, when we bumped in to each other with mutual friends in January she said that she still felt awkward being around me in person. I still care about her but I don't want her back in any way other than a casual friend. Thanks.


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  • Yes, it would be a good idea to break the ice and start a good friendship.


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  • Dude you already aknowledged the fact that she thought of you as clingy but still wonder if that would be a good idea?
    Obviously you shouldn't talk to her anymore, you need to move on

    • It was trying to hold on to the relationship because she was misleading in the break up message, where she said "I still want us to be what we are but without the label of a relationship", so I carried on as normal. I've sent 2 messages to her in 7 months.

    • Perfect, she told you herself, what do you need more?
      She meant that she would be ok with keep being friends with you, but no more than that.
      Why would you want a relationship like that with someone you used to fuck and clearly still have some feelings left for?
      Again, move on with your life and find someone else.

    • I'm okay being friends with her, I've dated other people since, we were friends for about 5 years before actually getting together. The fact that we had sex doesn't affect how well I can be friends with someone

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  • Let her be and let her come back to you in her own time. Whether as a friend or something else.


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