Why do I have a love hate thing with my ex?

Some days I feel I'm over him, I'm confident, I look and talk to other guys, I wish him the best in life and tell myself he isn't worth what I gave him.
Other days I hate him, I want to hurt him as much as he did me, i don't talk to other guys, I'm jealous and selfish, I don't want him to have a good life and I just want him back in my life.

It's just really confusing me, because he broke up with me about 7 months ago. I thought I would be over him by now.
Has anybody else experienced this?Why do I have a love hate thing with my ex?


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  • It's perfectly normal what you're feeling. Nothing wrong with that. Many people feel that way.
    You just didn't get to have the thing we call "closure".
    Let me guess, he did something to you and you never got the chance to get angry with him over that or he never actually admitted his wrong doing to you?

    • Actually yeah. Your a mind reader lol.

      I was treading on eggshells when he broke up with me as I didn't want to lose him, so I never got angry at him. He never admitted to the bad he did and he left not too long ago without reason leaving me wanting questions.

    • You need this closure if you want to regain peace. I know, it sounds like something Yoda would say ;)
      But it's true. Go talk to him and just tell him what you have been feeling all this time about all this. If you want, you can take a sipof some alcohol for courage. Just remember to not get drunk, thats a bad idea.
      I hope I helped :)

    • Sounds like a good idea :)

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  • I'm experiencing this with my ex right now. I have really good days (like today) where I wouldn't dream of ever getting back with him and I know in the future I will find someone miles better than him. And then I have bad days (like I did last Monday) where I think I need him back because I will never find anyone like him. But the bottom line is, he was a dickhead and I am better off without him. Just keep giving yourself pep talks on how much better off you are and how you will find someone so much better in the future. These bad days become far and few in between and you'll eventually find you won't have any bad days at all anymore! Good luck😊


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  • I feel like this sometimes.. I sent my ex a 'No chance in the future and that I knew he was lying ect'. It helped me close that door but the feeling of resentment renains. If I was you.. Just ride it out. He knows what he's done and showing him your still hurt/angry will just give him power over the breakup. Give it time and like you said.. He didn't deserve you so why let him have any more control over your emotions x

  • Totally normal. You're going through the motions of a break up.

    Soon you'll have days when you don't think about him at all and feel indifferent.

    No one can truly say how long it takes to get over a break up but what you have to keep in your head is that you do get over it! And at the end of the day, as much of a nice time as you had together, he's not worth your time! If he was you would still be together. Always remember that.

    Stay strong and work through it x


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