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Well, I don't how to say this where you could understand but I have trouble keeping a girl more than a week. My last girl broke up with me because (well my sister told me she was going to break up with me, so I came to my girlfriend about it, she told me she wasn't happy, so I let her go), I never said "I love you", we never took the next step. I was raise to respect woman, so I through to respect woman, I must take the relationship slow. And I don't believe in "Love at first sight", I believe love take time to build up.

So, my question is did I did the relationship wrong, should I have say "I love you" or taken the next step.

This question have been haunting me for a very long time and I need answers.


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  • A week is not long at all. I think it was just incompatibility, and that the problem wasn't either of you.

    But I must say that you have a good view on how to handle in relationships. I totally agree with you on that - relationship take work (from both parties).


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