9 months already. Why does time go by so fast?

9 months ago today I went hiking, not just with anyone, it was a friend. I picked her up after work and we went. We struggled with it but I knew she wanted to see the sunset from the mountain and that is why we went. Little did I knew that day changed my life. We were on the mountain and I reached out and held her hand. She also put her head on me. We were face to face and I wanted to kiss her it I got nervous. That was the day I knew I wanted to be with her. 4 days later I kissed her at Dairy Queen,. We went to date for 4 months and 10 days. I still don't know what lead to her breaking up with me. She has blocked me on Instagram and Twitter. She deleted me off of snapchat but she kept me and our pictures on Facebook. I am trying to keep hope for us. I gave her words of encouragement when she was having a bad day and it helped her. I also surprised her with flowers on her birthday. She is my ex but I want her back and I am trying to reconnect with her. I had a great girl and I feel like I blew it because I think I messed up. But I want her back.


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  • Yeah it goes so fast as we grow

    • I feel like I am growing as a person. I really loved her and there is nobody else I would rather be with, she made me so happy.

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