Bad breakup. Old news?

Ran into an ex a few years after a bad breakup. I dropped something off to a friend who works at the same place. Im literally there for 2 minutes and walk out to my car. As Im backing out, I see him looking at me in my review mirror. I drive away. A few seconds later I decided to call him to see if he needed/wanted to talk. He said he was only walking out to his car to find his keys and that he just woke up from a nap and couldnt remember where he put them. Since he own his own business, I told him the place looked nice and that I had a hard time figuring out if I should use the employee door (what I used to use when we dated) or if I should have come in the front (which I did). He then says that our breakup was old news. he appreciate me telling him the place/expansion looked great and that he was just doing the best he could. I told him I had to go. Does any part of this conversation mean anything? Was he happy to see/hear from me? What do men think when they see their exes?


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  • It shows that he has no hard feeling about the break up and that he is moving on and doesn't want any awkwardness.

    I personally just ignore my exes and pretend they are invisible and I wouldn't have answered you call. You seem interested still in him to call him that quickly.

    • Good point! Interested, yes. but in one of those "how has life been for you? Breakup is old news for me too, but its good to see you and hope all is well kind of way. I think for someone like me who dated a guy for a long time, a girl will always care about them. Not in a "I still want you kind of way, just in a "hope life has turned out as good for you as it has for me" kind of way. I do hope (again, not in any kind of attraction way) that our relationship meant something to him. but, I guess it doesn't really matter. Men are just hard to read.

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  • This conversation seems like you still interested in him otherwise you wouldn't send him message if it ended bad and you want peace with him and he accepted the peace, that's all what i see ^^ dunno,

    • Thats all it was, was just a "glad we can be adults" kind of conversation and I mentioned above that yes, I was interested in him, but in a strictly J care about you and hope life has turned out great for you as it has for me. Thanks for the input. Gives us girls an insight on the guys minds.

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