How do you know if someone you only know online might like you?

It's easy to see signs in real life, but this girl I could see myself like I've never met in real life. She's usually busy and rarely can get online, but she seems to talk to me when possible. I don't want to bug her but I would like to know more about her. It's hard to get through text alone what they might feel and I don't want to creep them out and ask.


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  • if you live near each other you can ask if she would like to meet up. that would make it a lot easier to see whether she likes you or not. you can also try to flirt a bit and see how she reacts.

    • She's been busy with work and moving and I recently moved so our times haven't meshed well.

    • I asked her to hang out and I don't know if she thought I meant a date or not but she asked for the time but was working most of that day.

  • i think you should find yourself a girl that you can hold hands with on a casual lunch date, instead of a ghost online


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