What should I do about this shady girl who shld back tf off my dude?

My boyfriend has been tellin me about this girl who's his friend but she be textin him late at night, she said she don't like me to him "just because", she's nick naming him, crudely staring at me, and doin a lot of flirty stuff like drawing hearts on him and wrapping her leg around him at the movies... all while claiming she's a lesbianšŸ˜‘


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  • wow I'd be jealous and angry too, Inner me says to slap her and flip a table but I don't feel like prison would fit in my summer schedule so, I would either talk to him about it or calmly and mature tell her to stop it


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  • Slap that bitch straight across her face and tell her to back off

  • What the bit*h she is !!!


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