Should you stick around if he has drama with his ex?

anybody ever been in a situation where you were talking to somebody who really liked you, but they had drama with their ex, who wanted them back? or maybe you were the person with the ex, but you liked someone new, how did that work out? do you ever actually get the guy, or do most guys go back to their ex if they have a history? just wondering if there's a chance...


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  • I am in a similar situation, my new boyfriend says he loves me, but I think he's still in contact with his ex (cause she wants him back). It sucks you know, cause there's really nothing you can do. You just have to accept the fact that these person was part of his life before you even knew him, and just hopefully they'll get over it, since you are new in his life, you're like fresh air, and the relationship with the other person obviously didn't work out, so why worry?


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  • I've been divorced for three years and separated for four. She still wants me to hook up with her...whenever she wants it. I am in a relationship with a woman I'm going to marry and the ex acts like it is a challenge for her. If we didn't have a daughter together, I wouldn't talk to her at all, but we will be parents for the rest of our lives. Baggage?...yes, I guess that's what they call it. Drama?...I guess.

    If you love the person you're with, then keep loving them. Don't let the ex ruin what could be the greatest thing in your life.


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  • Did they break up with the ex? I feel like if they ended it then they won't go back usually. If they like you and are moving on it should be ok.

    I think ex drama is stupid. They need to cut ALL contact (if possible) with the ex. Block their number, delete them off Facebook and IM. Block their emails..etc.

    As long as he is ignoring the ex, you should be fine.

    Now if the ex is crazy stalker scary and might legit hurt you..that's a different case.

    • Well there are some people who still talk to all their exes and don't see anything wrong with that... he was like "just cause we broke up doesn't mean I have to hate her" so he still wants to stay in contact with her :/

    • But why stay in contact with someone who is causing drama? it's unavoidable, but people feed off of it. the ex needs time to move on. sure, I will Facebook chat my first ex but we broke up 4 years ago! we are both moved no drama.

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