What should I do? My EX IS driving me crazy!

I broke up with my ex 4 years ago and I haven't heard from in along time. Well I am with a new guy who I absolutely adore! We have been together for 3 years and we moved in together last year. My ex sent me a message on Facebook saying hi and I said hi back and was just nice. He told me he missed me and he can't believe how great I look. I told him thanks and told him I was with a new guy and I was hoping that someday I marry him...well my ex said he has feeling for me and blah blah blah. After that I just ignored his message until today he sent me a message today and he said talk to me or I am gonna send your boyfriend pic that I have of you (not naked but risky) I am freaking out! What should I do? Should I tell my boyfriend what's going on or is my ex just bluffing? If I should tell him, how should I tell him?

why is he even doing this? He is the one who broke up with me?


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  • my gfs ex is a total creep and stalks her and sh*t... he is still madly in love with her and is just sooo creeperish... but yea he's prob doin it because he wants ur attention. my gfs ex keeps tellin her he is suicidal and sh*t so that she will talk to him... she finally like cought on and is done talkin to him, and he caused a lot of problems between us but now its all better and stuffs amazing :D, the best thing to do would be to tell ur boyfriend wats up. he shouldnt have problems with you having sent pics to an ex...

    you should bring it up b4 anything does happen. just tell him about it just like you did above.

    he is prob doin it because he realized he still wants u... "you don't know what uve got till its gone"...


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  • Tell your boyfriend.It's better that you be upfront about the situation or else you'll either look like you're trying to hide something.You have the messages to prove that he is basically blackmailing you,so make sure your boyfriend knows about the situation

    • Maybe he is lonely or obsessive.

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    • Ughh it just drive me crazy. Any guy who uses pic of his ex against her is a freaking pig!

    • That's why it isn't safe to give pics out of yourself.You aren't the only girl who's gone through this.Hell some guys go as far as to post them on the internet.There's a bunch of sites like exgf.com(I don't know if it still exists) when guys purposely post them:((( Maybe he's just crazy.Sometimes there is no explanation as to why crazy people do what they do

  • truthfully just tell your boyfriend, like if you guys have been together thislong then a pic from you past should even really mean anything, it was your past before you even met him so he shouldnt even make a big deal about it, and you would rather him know by you then to find out the hard way later, and since he knows then he can probably help you with your ex problem too. and truthfully he's probably just mad to see you so happy when he's probably not so he has to bring you down with him.


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