My Ex-Boyfriend is a complete jerk now... I'm still wondering what happened?

Back in February, my ex boyfriend and I first met and quickly got to know each other and soon after started dating. The one problem, he lives in Montana and I live in Massachusetts and it was a long distance relationship. I didn't expect it to go far at all. We became inseparable. We facetimed for hours on end, texted every minute and hour on end. He became my everything, my world, and I became his. But, he was very controlling, I'd have to tell him before I left and where I was going. I was loyal throughout the whole relationship but always got accused of being with other guys. He had anger problems, took things out on me at times, fucked with my head sometimes. He could be so sweet and loving and then just switch. We almost broke up several times. I gave him many chances, since he got nudes from other girls and he flirted with other girls too. We continued on for almost four months and had planned a summer spent together then everything changed.

One night he calls me on the phone and says he loves me more than the world, and then after an argument he says breaking up is best and he's done with the distance. That was all in one week. I tried continuously to make it work and change his mind, but we eventually just agreed to stay friends and that we'd always love each other. The first few days I was a mess sobbing, I didn't want to lose him. But now, he's been such a jerk to me. He told me he doesn't love me anymore, which hurt so bad. He'll ask me for naked pictures, brag about the girls he's been fucking, fucks with my head and let's his friends be mean to me, makes fun of me. He's just changed completely he's not the same person I knew and fell in love with. He drinks, smokes weed, does other drugs, steals all the time now. Part of me is like I'm done with this shit and I deserve better. But the other part is saying that, no matter what I'll always love him and care about him, and I feel as though I'm giving up and what if that's not the right choice?
My Ex-Boyfriend is a complete jerk now... I'm still wondering what happened?
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