I need advice. Someone please help me?

Me and my ex haven't talked in a while probably a year. We broke after a dumb argument he was not doing so well on drugs out on the streets. He said I broke up with him which I did not. He took my name of instagram I did the same we didn't speak for like a whole month I seen him and I hugged him he gave me a ride home. I heard people telling me he was talking to other girls and went to. Hotel with them and that got me mad he dumped me and left me like I'm a piece of crap. So I seen and socked him in the face. I said really mean things but I was hurt and mad he also cheated on along time ago it was just all anger after that we never spoken again even when I seen him he didn't even look at me. I did apologize to him he seemed like whatever about me apologizing so I never bothered texting him cause I seemed like I was bothering him. It's been a long time now and I really miss him want him back I want tell him start over and forget about the past. but I don't know if he feels the same. Should I message him and tell him? I'm scared if he doesn't reply I really need some help
I'm confused I feel like I want talk to him next day I don't. I'm scared of dealing with all the crap again but what happens it's better this time


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  • if you want to see him and put in the effort to fix things you have to reach out to him. tell him exactly how you feel and no bullshit. lay it out and if he is willing and feels the same he will put the effort to fix things as well.

    • I want too. But I'm just scared of him not replying and I look dumb. He never ever tried reaching out to.

    • ya and if he replys then it could work out. i wouldn't text because you want to be sure so call him at a normal time of day maybe when he wouldn't be working. if he answers talk to him. if he doesn't then leave a message and tell him you just wanted to say hi and see how he is doing and to give you a call back when he gets the message. if he dont call then you know its done.

    • I don't have his number anymore only way is through Facebook messaging him.

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  • You will never know unless you ask. I would ask and get it over with now... otherwise you'll keep being bothered by it.


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  • First you have to always remember that he is anex for a reason.
    Secondly, don't be scared, it will keep eating you up if you didn't, so get it over with if he responded the cheers, if he didn't you move on. Win win just think right about the whole thing.

  • I think you can do better, find someone else who actually loves you. x

    • I tried talking other guys I don't want them

    • It could be a dead end relationship, am sure you can do better. x

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  • I would stay away from him. My gut instinct. He would have reached out to you if he wanted you back unless you heard otherwise.

    • I feel like because of what I did I socked him and told him to die and that I hate him.

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    • @taurus10j maybe it's my fault and I regret but I don't feel like I did anything wrong. But thanks for replying and listening to me

    • your welcome

  • No. What are you doing? He doesn't care about you? Do you not love yourself to the point you have to let a Scumbag disrespect you. All that you're feeling for that guy is just. You know deep down he doesn't love you and you can do better. You need to love yourself work on yourself. And then meet an amazing guy who will respect you and love you. There are plenty, but if you allow toxic people back into your life you will never see that good guy on the other side.


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