Is there such a thing as a good break-up?

So I am reading these questions on the ''break-up'' section and they all talk about their exes and how they still contact them or if they have feelings for the other but they don't reciprocate those feelings.

So I want to ask is there such a thing as a good break-up?

However I guess that if it was a good break-up people wouldn't post a question into the break section lol


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  • im not sure. with all my break ups its been painful and sad. therfore a bad break up. unless both the girl and boy don't love each other anymore, then I guess it won't be a bad break up.

  • Yeah, I think some breakups can be a mutual decision without any broken hearts, but I also think that those are lot more rare. There's always going to be that one person who wants the relationship to work out more.


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