What kind of breakup was this?

My ex girlfriend tested me a lot, during the last months of our relationship. She broke my heart often and caused me to be more silent to her. She thought I don't love her no more because I was getting more and more silent. She never saw her own actions. She had the same flaws I had but I was always the one being judged.
3 times, I tried to save the relationship from a breakup but in the 4rd, I was the one wanting to quit because I couldn't do it anymore. I was done. Then she was like: "Really? Was this your Love?" And then I was like: "Yeah, I can't do it anymore." And then she told me: "I'm shocked now."

She tested me, played with me and broke my heart even more the whole month with unnecessary stuff and caused me more stress than I ever had in my life. She made me jealous, to test how much I love her, told things I shouldn't be hearing and did a lot more on the phone and caused me to shout at her and make the situation even worse (we had a distance because I had to go to another city for the university). My heart was broken by her several times before but she never saw it. Because of me staying silent, she thought I don't love her no more and developed anger against me instead of just asking, what is going on. How selfish can a human being be?


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  • Mate... she doesn't deserve you.
    You are a great person. Many girls out there will break your heart, will use you... but I know after this break up you will be careful 😊😊
    Just trust yourself... u deserve a lot better 😊

    • Thank you for you respond. It's just tough you know. I'm sure she loved me but she was a control-freak with less self worth and made big drama instead of just asking things and waiting me to return to the city.

    • If a girl really​ likes you... your education and your family will be important for her too. She will support your decision and will value you... a lot.

      Don't say thanks... I am here to help 😊

  • It's all about the trust - anything can be worked out or worked on if there's REAL trust - it's worse go be looked in the face and blatantly lied to on the regular


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