How can I get over my ex:(?

I have been with this girl for about 3 months and she is my first girlfriend so she was very special to me. But about 2 weeks ago she said that we needed to talk.. She said that since we are in that part of our lives that we should'nt have relationships since we still are very young (we're 17), but she likes me very much so she wants to maintain the "friendship":( And to me that was heartbreaking.. Its the worst thing i have ever been through. And the worst part is that we are still friends so we see each other a lot and she sees me as a friend, but everytime i'm with her i get so unbelievably sad because i look her and i just can't get over the fact that our thing was over and that i would never be able to have her like that again:( i just can't express how much i miss her and it hurts so much, and i can't even eat since she is all i'm thinking about. And i have said it to her that i really miss her and all that, and she says that she feels the same, but we just have to let it pass and after a while it will be better:/ But i don't want it to be better and don't want to lose my feelings for her.. she is everything to me and i just can't funcion anymore because she i all i think about:( I was even with her a couple of days ago and we were just talking while we were in my bed, and then we hugged and when i looked at her as she layed there i saw her beautiful eyes staring at me and i remembered all the times we layed like that except then it was because we were doing other things.. :( And i got so incredeably sad and now just don't know what to do:( i feel dead on the inside and my family and friends ask me whats wrong but i can't talk with them about it so i feel trapped, and the only person that can make me feel good is also the reason why i cry:'( What can i do:(?


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  • Yeah you can't be friends with her now. tell her that you still care and it's too hard seeing her all the time. I understand wanting to hold on. if do the same thing but so what I say not what I do lol

  • that thing emotional pain. hurts watt worse than any physical pain. learn from it because i promise you. It could be much much worse. you're still very young. You WILL go through much more in your life. Theonly way you get through it, is time. It hurts i know, but give it like 2 weeks and you'll feel much better. Give yourself something to look forward too. that'll help take ypur mind off it. make sure to eat something too

    • But, the thought of ever getting over her is heartbreaking.. :(

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