i recently found out my boyfriend cheated on me, and I've been feeling so low about myself, especially because he was my best friend before getting into a relationship. I hate this, he knew all the hurt I've been through in the past and for once, I decided to not generalize him or stereotype him, but let him prove me wrong.

i feel worthless. I can hands down say I was a good girlfriend, and it bothers me so much that he couldn't even tell me he cheated, his ex girlfriend the one who had to message me and let me know, and he's the one who accused me of cheating for no apparent reason.

honestly, wtf. why be in a relationship if your gonna cheat?

why do guys cheat in the first place?

ugh, I don't understand what I did wrong to deserve to be cheated on...


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  • That sucks, make sure is true before jumping into conclusions. And don't feel so bad, girls do that to the nices guys all the time.

    • Ya, I made sure before, because his ex girlfriend was the one who told me, and I confronted him about it, but then he came back at me saying that I was cheating. then later during the night, he told me he cheated

    • Yeah he probably thought you were cheating and wanted revenge or her ex did it just to break the relationship he has with you. Girls are like that.

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  • I went through the same thing basically. My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex, and I found out though my friend and the ex's boyfriend.

    Some guys are in a relationship because they don't think they would cheat. They cheat because they let their guard down and they don't realize what they are doing *like in my case*. Other cases, guys are in a relationship and cheat because of the thrill of not wanting to get caught. Some people like it, which I can't understand why personally. And sadly, for what ever reason it was, us girls have to suffer though it. I can say I'm a pretty good girlfriend too, but guys are guys, and they think they won't cheat. But like the saying says "You turn into the person you never thought you would be" I think I can safely say that this quote could go under this type of situation. And I'm sorry he had to do this to you. Are you still with him though?

    • Ugh, it sucks so much. I don't even know where to begin to try to get over it.

      no, I broke up with him, he keeps calling/texting me, but I'm not answering.

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    • Glad to help =)

    • So what happened between you and your ex?

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