Do you have a child with someone you aren't married to. (ex husband doesn't count) and if so do you try to keep the child away from his/her father?

If so why? why do you make an effort to not let him be involved in your childs life?


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  • Me and my fiance have a daughter. I don't try to keep her away from him and I wouldn't do that even if we spilt up

    • This is mainly directed at people who have a child with someone they are split up with.

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    • Only women can answer the question. Its worded just fine everyone else understood it. But good for you for admitting you'd allow him in your childs life even if you split up.

    • I understood it too, I just choose to answer it because you never stated you had to be separated from your partner. You just said not married to them.

  • Yes. I try. Because he only attempts to visit my son once a month, It hurts to know at some point I loved this person. My child deserves better!


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