Have you ever had a ex admit there way wrong for the part they played in killing the relationship? Or the way they treated you?

Am just wondering if people are good at heart and admit they are wrong after they grown up a hit. or is that people are selfish at heart And always will Blame others for their mistakes even after they moved on. I just known a few ex, s of mine never let go of the past are grudges and still blame me for 100 everything that happened in our relationship even through all of their friends say I was more then just a good boyfriend. please stay on topic people but what do u guys n girls think? I bumped into my ex the other day agin at work and she give me a death stare then walked away super fast normally when I see her she jist States at me. It's been 2 years since our forced break up by her parents which she blamed on me.. we were friends for 8 years before even dating and promised each other we wouldn't let dating kill our friendship. But she let dating each other& her family kill pur friendship... Why can't she let go of the past and stop starring at me& giving me mean looks. I been said sorry to my ex for any I may have dome which most of her friends and anyone else I speak too said she was 100℅ j the wrong. Am a good person who can often be too kind, always willing to help othets but piss me off n I can be a nightmare.


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