Guys, He is in Love with me, but I am not in Love with him anymore... What do I do guys?

Okay, my boyfriend, of 5 years.. is in Love with me. I was in Love with him... but it has now gone away. He has told me that I am his FUTURE and his LIFE. He told me that he BUILT HIS LIFE AROUND ME. He has told me that if I wasn't in his life.. that his life would be for nothing, and that he would die. I feel so bad. I am currently in college. I have a whole plan for my life to move to the big city and start my career. But he has plans for him and I. He has plans for us. He wants us to move out and live in the countryside. I don't want that. I don't love him anymore like I used to. I want to have my own life. But... I don't want to hurt him, he said he will die if I am not in his life. He said he will start hurting himself again... I feel so horrible. I don't know what to do. He said I am his happiness and life. I am stuck guys. What do I do? He is in love with me.. but I am not in love with him anymore..


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  • Tell him to hit me up, I'll take him shooting, drinking and whoring and he'll forget about your ass in about a week, I was that guy and people don't fall out of love, if they weren't in love, (you don't get it) it's all good. He'll be ballin and get his balls drained by weeks end... if not he'll probably lose his mind and possibly commit suicide or go into deep depression, either way congratz you win! WTF lmao, not even going to help you it's like helping the guy hang himself... enjoy.

    * Serious note, get him counselling, split gradual and don't see anyone right away or if you already are (which I think you are) then you can just fys (figure it out).

    MGTOW - Cheers


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  • You break up with the pyscho. Sorry but damn he decides this all for you without your consent and then TELLS you he'd die without you? He'll survive. He survived before he'll survive after. Like really? Don't let this guy get in your head, that's all he wants. he's controlling, possive, and manipulating. Telll him the truth. You want two different things in life and don't love the man he has become.

    • WTF are you p (ssy pandering and begging to get points with her, seriously turn in your 'MAN CARD' it's been revoked!


  • Tell him how you feel It's hard but it would be worse to lie

  • tell him reallity instead of cheat him before too late.


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