Why would a married man stay in a marriage where he is unhappy and continues to be unfaithful? Children? Doesn't want to be lonely? Lifestyle?

I know men that are unhappy at home but continue to cheat on their wives. Is it opportunity? Is it the thrill? The challenge? Sex? Younger women? Attention?


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  • There a number of reasons why this could be. A big part of because when you divorce someone they get 50% of what you own, on top of that people stay together because there are many benefits of being married such as your tax going down and have double the income (if you partner works that is). In some cultures gay men marry straight woman just so they are not outcasted from society.


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  • They'd lose everything to the wife

    • So it is the financial part of it? I see

    • No idea, im pretending to be mgtow

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