Back rub?

At a bonfire this girl asked me to give her a back massage, which she said I did good at, but can any one give me advice on how to give a girl a great back massage? I sat in a chair and she sat on the ground in front of me

and I mean, like a back massage that will have a girl saying wow he's great and you know cause a little orgasm or something

btw do girls just ask guys to massage them? does she like me? I do know her pretty well


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  • honestly, if I am asking a guy to give me a back rub, its because I am into them, and want them to touch me, so therefore, its going to be great anyway.

    but I guess, to make it even better, pay attention to the neck, and right under the shoulder blades, both those places feel super good massaged.

    • Cool I'll try it, thanks.

      anything else?

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