If I got married with out signing a contract to te government and had a formal ceremony would the divide be treated like a real marriage?


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  • Most states require a marriage license issued by your local government to have been issued before they will recognize your marriage as a legal one. And most churches/ministers/justice of the peace civil ceremonies will require a license before they perform the ceremony. There is a fee for the marriage license, but in most places it is <$100. Although some states do recognize common law marriage if you have been together 7 years or more.

  • Depends on who performs the ceremony.

    • a priest like a small wedding in hawaii

    • I think if he's licensed you would be married. Also you would need a marriage certificate. He might not perform the ceremony without it.

  • It might be. It depends on local laws where you are.

    • california

    • usa 🇺🇸

    • Yes, we recognize common law marriage and palimony in California.

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