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so i wanna get married but i am scared of the divorce, i live in california 🇺🇸 and was wondering if i have a wedding in france without signing a contract with the gov then come back home and if i get a divorce would it be treated like REAL marriage or a BF/GF situation with kids. HELP.please help if you can.?


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  • Why are you tying to get married to get a divorced? Lol in California if you have been married, with legal marriage or community marriage it's still binding so do your homework if you just plan to get a divorce later on. In California you'll have to pay spousal support if you have been married ten or more years. I wouldn't get married because no guy I have ever dated has made a lot of money so I would have to pay them spousal support so no thanks lol


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  • marriage is a legal institution in the US, not just words. If you don't file the paperwork, you're not married.

    Additionally, you will not be able to file Married Filing Jointly status with your taxes, getting those awesome benefits


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  • Ask from lawyers, in internet is surely such site where some pro gives better advise.


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  • it's not official to the government but it would be official between you and God that's all that matters.

  • Don't get married! Ever. There's no reason for a man to get married, and a lot of reasons not to. Google will help you find a lot of info why not to marry.

    I don't know if CA is one of them, but a lot of states have 'common law' marriage, where the state waves it's hands and *POOF*, you're magically married. Even if the US didn't recognize the marriage because it happened in France (they'd recognize it tho), the fact that you've identified as a married couple would be enough to get you common-law in most states.

    CA is a lifetime vagimony state, so in 10 years she'll have a monthly payout for life.

    Any woman that would accept you putting yourself in the position that marriage puts a man in is not a woman you want to be with. A woman that demands it obviously hates the man she's with.


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