Would you be mad?

if someone you went on 2 dates with went home to his home town for two weeks and ended up sleeping with someone else..and told you about it.. and that person told you they didn't want to date others because they wanted too see how things develop between you two..


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  • Don't be mad, Honey. This guy is telling you he's a player. He wants you and her - or anybody else he can meet. He will not commit to you any time soon. Would not waste my time on this boy unless you just want ot have some fun with him. He sounds like a jerk - especially when he TOLD YOU he slept with another woman. Tacky. Very tacky. Find a guy who adores you This boy does not deserve you. He needs to grow up. It's like he wants his cake and to eat it, too ~ VERY SELFISH.. Lose him. He will only cause you major grief and aggravation by using you. Please don't let him. Good luck! ( Consider this a great warning by this guy to stay away from him. I don't know of too many who owould ADMIT they were screwing around with other women while assuming you're going to hang around. Ugh) Who knows what diseases he's going to pass around? You sound like a nice girl. There are plenty of decent guys out there who will adore you. Trust me.


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