How can a guy turn from everything's perfect to I break up with you in 2 days?

Hey guys,

so my boyfriend broke up with me after not seeing each other for a month. In this month, he was the cutest boyfriend ever. He was asking me to move in, we were planning some holiday trips, were skyping 3 times a week. He even brought me a very sweet gift from this trip.. but then he broke up when he returned telling me he wouldn't have any feelings.. how can this happen? Did he lie about everything during this month of not seeing each other? Please help


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  • I know what you mean. It's crazy.

  • I've only got one explanation for this type of situation because I am going through the exact same situation believe it or not. so the explanation I've got is that the man is weak and coward and commitment suddenly scares them off and maybe he was facing some problems in his life so this type of a man takes all his depression out on us


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