Can you ever get with an ex, when you messaged another girl?

So basically, I had really bad anxiety and messaged another girl when we were going out, i always got really anxious about her leaving me and going to another guy so i messaged a girl stupidly and explicitly seeing if i wouldn't be stuck on my own if we did break up, this happened twice due to my bad anxiety, my doctor said it was uncontrollable because i bottled up my anxiety and never told anyone. Anyway my girlfriend found out and it's been a month, we've just agreed to give eachother space but I don't know if she'll ever want me again, because we both love eachother loads.


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  • I guess this is defined as emotional cheating if you text someone else explicitly. Depends on whether she sees anxiety as a valid excuse or if she thinks it's forgivable. Only she knows so there's not a lot of advice except to wait it out.

    • I know and it's just waiting is hard, she says she forgives me but she just can't get it out her head sometimes, and says the anxiety doesn't make it any easier for her

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    • Have you got anything positive or any positive suggestions ahahaha, just struggling for positivity

    • Well the good news is she must see something worth sticking around for otherwise she would have ended it already.

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