Girls, Girl keeps looking at me?

Me and a girl that works at my local store always exchanged glances and smiled and said hi, sometime she would look me up and down and just smile with her mouth closed when I walk past, she quite cute and I went to her checkout and she started a conversation about her relaxing and online shopping etc. So I was talking to her work colleague over Facebook and asked who her friend wad (the girl) and I said she was cute and I might ask myself because she didn't know her name as she was new and didn't know if I was on about the same. So I said I was going to ask hermyself next time I was in store and I they seen me and she was teasing the girl and the girl started smiling to herself etc. However I avoided her checkout and hadn't been in for weeks and EVERYTIME I go in she kept looking at me. So I went to her checkout once because it was free and she said hi and kept on dropping things. So she said she was going for drinks in town and I said is it far and she responded saying she only has 30 minutes to get ready. She assumed I was offering her a ride home and said her mum was waiting outside so after serving me we was walking towards the exit and I told her to have a good time. so for weeks after I always avoided her checkout and she would always look at me and look down sadly, or look like she's trying to figure me out and stuff. So 1 month of constant looking I mentioned her to a friend and he asked me to confirm if it was her over Facebook and I accidentally liked her photo without adding her. so for weeks after the she still would look at me but then look to the ground like she's sad, so I went to her checkout and I was waiting for her to started a conversation and she just stared into thin air and didn't say a word regardless of me looking at her etc. So now I avoid her and she keeps staring, and trying to see we're I am in store then when she finds me she just looks down again. What does she act this way?


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  • she might like you looks

    • So you think she knows something?

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