How to tell him I love him?

Me and my ex have starting talking again after realising things, and we are just seeing how things work out. As he was my bestfriend prior to dating, so we are friends at the moment but it's more than friends.. but we aren't dating as it's not the right time and we just want to get to know one another again. I feel like I'm just going to get my heartbroken, we spoke about it and he said he's not making any promises and it's not something he can commit to and he just wants to be free and live his own life. I really wish he would take me back as I really do love him. But we have hard circumstance such as distance and just general problems. I have changed a lot since we broke up and he can see that but it sucks that no matter what I do he may never give me that chance. We see each other soon and I'm hoping it will be easier in person to make amends and make it better. I try so hard and I feel like my efforts aren't enough, I truly care for him and don't want to lose him. I really want to express how I feel, as in just say something sweet about my love. Any help?


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  • A lot of people may tell you "Don't make this mistake! You broke up once, you will only suffer!". That would normally be the case but since you've changed and gave past some thoughts you may as well go all in!

    If that's what you truly want then just say it to him! Confess your love. If he feels same then talk calmly about it with him. Tell him to progress slowly, don't make rushy decisions etc.


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