How to deal with an ex?

So my ex and I broke up 3 months ago and she has ignored me for the past few months and not replied to texts but we just started talking again and decided that we should meet up for lunch just to talk 1 on 1. She's interested completely in another guy and I don't think I'm into her either because of the end of our relationship and how she broke up with me. Anyways I've apologized many times and tried to work it out. What do you think I should do during lunch. Should I try to apologize for the 15th time about and if so should I apologize for everything or just disrespecting the whole silence thing? Or should I just act like I'm going out to lunch with a friend and just act kinda like nothing happened. Any feedback would be valuable!!


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  • If she's into another guy already and asked you to meet up with her for lunch, I would say that's a no go (in my opinion at least). You don't need to apologize to her. She obviously doesn't appreciate your apologies and I don't even know why she wants you to in the first place. If anything... she needs to apologize to you for waisting your time while she's acting like that towards you.


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  • I'm confused as to why you would even talk to an ex, especially one that broke up with you. You've apologized? Wrong move.

    The only thing to do now is completely cease all contact. Let her show up to the lunch or whatever, but you don't show up. Ignore her texts, ignore her calls. Better yet, block her number.

    There's no reason to talk to an ex.


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  • Don't apologize. She already seems to have moved on and be fine with it.
    Just don't bring the past relationship up.

    Just... don't go in the direction that you went before.

    Treat her like a friend and only a friend. Don't go past it even if she tries to.


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  • She just needs closure, So she will probably ask you why you did what you did!
    You probably will need to explain and apologize again, but you should be cold this time cus you deserve an apology too, for the way she treated you.


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