Is this love, obsession or stupidity?

from this woman. There is a guy who Works in a company next to mine but I do see him everyday and I know him as Im in the front desk reception of this floor that I share with the other reception of the other company this guy works for. I was told that this guy got separated from his wife at the beginning of this year due to he caught her cheating on him, so the guy was the one who decided to move out of the house and took one of her 4 children with him, to live with him, the rest of the kids are with the mother. For some reason, now his ex wants him back and he does not want to resume the relationship anymore, but it seems the ex are not getting the message, and she is blinded to understand is over , he does not want anything to do with her anymore, she still has hope he will forgive her.

The thing is that his ex are doing stupid acts of trying to get him back, that is like she is not seeing the embarrassment she is causing him at his workplace with his stupid acts. The lady in different times since they got separated, had sent him at his workplace flower and balloon arrangements at his work, with love messages telling him indirectly that forgive her. Today once again the ex sent the guy something, it is the 4 arrangement this lady has sent him since they broke up, is like the lady still does not understand or get the message, he does not want anything with her anymore. Today arrangment was a red rose inside a glass base with a message similar to the story told by the movie Beauty and the Beast, that do not let the last petal to fade or something like that. The last arrangement before this one , she sent it like 2 mos ago was a rose arrangement of 12 red roses and 1 White rose. His ex continues to embarrass his ex at work sending him these things and the lady is like she is blind and does not want to give up on him and she was the one who cheated on him.
Why soem women like this one do not learn when someone does not want to be with them anymore and continue to insist and insist and they are wasting their time, they dont understand is not worth anymore but still they continue. I dont understand this women behavior.


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  • I'm not convinced that cheaters ever have real love. I feel like it's just an act. But if I'm right they might think it's love. They are just incapable of the real thing.


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