Am I wrong for being pissed?

This guy that I was seeing led me to believe that we had a chance. I had been working up the nerve to tell him how I felt about him for a while (we were friends for quite a few years). I finally did and he told me that he felt the same way. He wouldn't make it official and then I find out he's back with his ex. This ex cheated on him, accused him of cheating, told him to dump his female friends, dumped him several times and kept taking him back. The last time they broke up she dumped him for a guy who ended up doing the same crap to her that she did to him. Now she's older, wants to jump back in his arms and he takes her back. They've been together for six months and now they're living together, taking lavish vacations, planning to get married next spring and planning to honeymoon in Hawaii (where he knew I always wanted to go). He told me all of this and showed me the engagement ring he bought her.

I know he wanted children and marriage (so do I). She never wanted any of that. I was good to him. I just don't understand why he dragged he dragged his feet with me but he's rushing to marry her. Part of me really wants to be happy that he's finally getting what he wants with her, but the other part is very hurt and angry with him. And the best part is that he thinks I'm wrong for being angry and still expects me to remain friends with him. Am I wrong? Is it me or does it sound like he thinks he did nothing wrong because he won't even acknowledge his part in it or say he's sorry.
Am I wrong for being pissed?
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