How to get over a guy you really liked but who hates you now?

I used to talk to this guy and well I really liked him and I thought he liked me too but I found out all he wanted was sex and when I told him that's not what I wanted he ignored me and now isn't talking to me. I don't know why I feel sad but I can't control how I feel and now I feel really sad because I did like him


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  • a lot of guys do that. Not really sure why but they take for granted and advantage of girls. quit being so nice to them lol. when you find the right guy you will know because for one he will treat you with respect

  • m'lady, its u who should hate him, he didn't treat u like u need to be deserved !

    • I knoww but I just can't help but think if I'm maybe a horrible person

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    • Thanks! I don't know what it's like to be treated good tbh every guy is always like this towards me and I try to be really good to them but whenever I do it's like they take advantage of that I don't know maybe there's something wrong with me

    • no its not ur mistake or wrong! u r a lovable person , the people around u are not that mature enough!

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