Asking the other women if he's cheating?

I reconnected with an ex who is on a mission trip for a few weeks. He has been VERY deceitful in the past but promised he turned a new leaf and is better - swears he is into no girls but me/wants to marry me/etc. I believed him until recently, when a specific girl started liking his pics on facebook and he started liking some of hers. They had a thing a few months ago. He also said he got a job recommendation from his "best bro" but turns out she works at said job. I have a major gut feeling and would rather find out while he's away if he's doing something. She seems like a chill girl who would tell me if something was up - I was thinking of messaging her asking if they're seeing each other in a calm way. Should I ask her directly? I need to know the truth and I know I can't get it from him, but I have a bad feeling right now.


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