How do you know if it is one-sided love? How do you deal with it? Fight or Flight?

Why do we encounter a one-sided love relationship? What is the best solution?


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  • Flight, the emotional stress to get what you want is very.. i don't wish that to anybody. Took me 3 years

    • Understood. It's been only 3 wks for me but I gave up already. Sure I still have feelings but I'm trying my best to accept that things won't change. I did this on my 1st love as the rejector.

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    • Happy for you. But I gave up already. It's hard to move on because I like and love him. He has pride, he is inconsistent and I don't trust this inconsistency. His actions don't match his words. He is indecisive. I'm 33 and it'll be unfair for myself if I just wait for him. If ever he comes back, I'll still be unsure because I don't trust his inconsistency. I can't express myself because he is no longer interested now, he ignores me and doesn't give me attention knowing that we are LDR. I'm not satisfied. He doesn't appreciate me. He doesn't feel my sincerity. I feel belittled. I'm willing to do the extra mile for him by embracing his baggage but I can't do it because it is one-sided, he doesn't let me. It's like, I'm bounded to accept it.

    • *bound

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  • That depends, are we talking here about sexual attraction or serious love? Because those are two very different things.
    If someone doesn;t find you attractive then it;s nearly impossible to "make" him find you attractive.
    If we talk about love, on the other hand, then you might actually change his mind because this feeling is much more about conscious choice than subconscious lust.


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  • Because no one is perfect. Because we are all so very individual and picky and have different likes dislikes standards and such is life, it's not easy and we can't control it.

    You usually know it and feel it. And it's up to you how you choose to go from there. Prolong the heartache or face it and move on to open yourself up to the possibility of finding that someone who does feel the same way.


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